Bushnell Builders undertakes a wide range of commercial construction work. Our stable, long-serving workforce has the skills necessary to cover the diversity of these commercial building projects. Our design and build process is simple and flexible We employ the construction consultants; managing and simplifying the design development and construction process. This provides significantly greater flexibility in design and improves the ‘buildability’ of the project.


Bushnells completes a significant number of negotiated building contracts. A negotiated contract enables the contractor and client to work closely together to select subcontractors on the basis of quality of workmanship, price and performance to time. These contracts are usually undertaken on an ‘open book’ basis where our pricing is available for scrutiny. The advantages of this type of contract to you are better standards of subcontract workmanship greater flexibility to make design changes during construction shortened lead time for design. Bushnells input into the design process assists ‘buildability’ with cost savings to you.



Bushnell Builders is a well-established building company with a large portfolio of completed residential homes. We are experienced Registered Master Builders and have delivered a significant number of multi-occupancy housing units and architectural housing projects.


We provide a seamless service from initial design proposals,project costing and obtaining all consents, to construction and code compliance certification at completion. This process reduces client costs. Our design and build ensures that you work with the builder to achieve a completed project, designed to your requirements, built within your timeframe and budget.


Here at Bushnell Builders ltd we are proud to have delivered over three and a half decades of commercial and residential projects in Christchurch and throughout Canterbury. Although our business is construction, the idea of building a better community has always been our mandate. That’s why at Bushnell’s we believe in giving back to a community. We are locally owned and operated and place great importance on family, which is reflected in our company culture. Maintaining strong relationships with clients, consultants and subcontractors has been the key to our success. here are some of the foundations we have donated to...